• Holidays are approaching - what are you dreaming about?

    Gia is about dreams, and silks and a re-birth of something old that is given new life.  If a vintagesilksari can become beautiful new trousers then old holiday stress and panic can be up-cycled into cherished new traditions and memories.
  • It's really all about the silks.

    Hmmmm ....  maybe these vintage, 1930s beach pajama inspired pants could sell in Austin, Texas?

    But prepare to draw attention with the unique style and colorful beauty.  Where did you get that fabulous skirt? No really - it's pants!!

    Oh, and enjoy twirling.  It's a good way to dream.  I want to hear your stories.

  • Vintage silks, vintage denim and dreaming.

    It started with the silks.  Vintage sari silk reborn as pants.